How to apply

The deadline for Loran Award applications has passed. Thank you to everyone who applied!


Students were asked to select one of two ways to apply:

Direct Pool Application – DEADLINE PASSED
Students may submit a direct pool application (without school sponsorship) to the Loran Scholars Foundation. There is no limit to the number of direct pool applicants from a single school.

Our national committee reviews direct pool applications and conducts telephone interviews with shortlisted candidates (semi-finalists). From these interviews, the committee invites 15-25 semi-finalists to attend national selections in Toronto. They also grant provincial awards to semi-finalists who distinguish themselves during direct pool interviews.

Sponsored Application – DEADLINE PASSED
Students may submit an application that is sponsored by their school. Each high school in Canada is eligible and encouraged to sponsor up to three students for the award. Each CEGEP may sponsor up to eight students.

Students should contact their guidance counsellor, teacher or school administrator to learn about the sponsorship selection process at their school. Those who intend to request sponsorship should indicate Sponsored by my school in the online application, and subsequently enter the name and email address of their school contact in the Educational Background section. This school contact will be asked to review the student’s application and fill out a short online form confirming whether or not the student is sponsored. Applications that are not sponsored will be evaluated in the direct pool.

Our regional committees review the sponsored applications and invite shortlisted candidates (semi-finalists) to attend interviews in their region or province. These interviews are an opportunity for semi-finalists to connect with one another, meet the local leaders who serve as our regional interviewers and gain valuable interview experience.

“Being invited to attend regional interviews was such an honour. I’d have to say that my favourite part of the experience was meeting all the other amazing semi-finalists. We had a great time getting to know one another over the course of the day.” – 2015 semi-finalist

After regional interviews, our committees invite 50-60 outstanding semi-finalists to attend national selections in Toronto in February. Our committees also grant provincial awards and honour citations to semi-finalists who distinguish themselves at the regional level.

We encourage students to seek sponsorship, where possible, for the chance to participate in regional interviews. However, we continue to discover and select Loran Scholars through both application pools.

The deliberations of our selection committees, for both sponsored and direct pool applicants, are confidential. All decisions are final and not eligible for appeal.