Loran Scholars Program

Rigorous Selection Process

We look for qualities in our scholars that a transcript alone cannot show: personal integrity and character; commitment to service and an entrepreneurial spirit; breadth in academic and extra-curricular interests; strongly developed inner-directedness; and outstanding overall potential for leadership. Through a series of assessments and personal interviews, we select the top 30 of approximately 3,700 applicants as Loran Scholars. We also grant 80 one-time entrance awards.

Long-term Investment in Potential

We provide Loran Scholars with a renewable award comprising an $9,000 living stipend matched by a tuition waiver from one of our 25 partner universities. We encourage scholars to resist the temptation to take easy or conventional paths and to seek out, instead, how they can most effectively contribute to society. To this end, we provide $8,500 in funding for three kinds of scholar-initiated summer internships (private sector, public policy and personal/community development). We also pair scholars with mentors who will challenge them and introduce them to their new community. We expect scholars to use these opportunities to broaden and enrich their academic studies.

Extensive Network

We welcome Loran Scholars into an extended family of volunteers, donors, staff, and past and present scholars. The incoming class of Loran Scholars spend five days together in Algonquin Park as part of their orientation expedition before they begin university. All scholars are invited to our annual four-day national scholars’ retreat. Our past scholars organize their own Connexion weekend every three years. We know the value of these relationships and take care to nurture them.