Summer Program

Over the course of their undergraduate studies, scholars are expected to gain meaningful work experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors in Canada and abroad. Staff, mentors and alumni support scholars in identifying internship opportunities. In 2016, 25 scholars found their internships through a staff member, a past or present Loran Scholar or their mentor. Twelve of the internships were made available through organizational partnerships. Scholars are encouraged to connect to our extensive network of donors, alumni and volunteers, and many can access up to $8,500 in order to plan three unique and challenging summer experiences.

1. ENTERPRISE: Scholars develop skills in a for-profit environment and learn about leadership in the business world. For example, 2013 Loran Scholar Tommy Hana, a science student at Queen’s University, worked for the Global Health Practice team of KPMG UK. He worked on a study for the World Economic Forum on global misalignment in healthcare and conducted a placement with the NHS Leadership Academy.

2. PUBLIC POLICY: Scholars gain experience with the policy-making process, in its partisan or non-partisan forms, and are exposed to institutions that influence public policy in Canada and in other parts of the world. For example, 2014 Ralph M. Barford Loran Scholar Kirk Wright, a philosophy and economics student at McGill, interned at the International Institute for Sustainable Development. He maintained a database of well-being indicators for Winnipeg, MB and conducted a comparative analysis.

3. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT: Scholars help initiate, implement or evaluate community initiatives through an intercultural learning experience. For example, 2013 BMO Capital Markets Loran Scholar Andrea Bennett, an arts student at Dalhousie University, ran an eight-week Frontier College literacy camp for Kingfisher First Nation youth in northern Ontario.

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