On Sunday February 7th, 31 young Canadians (listed below) received a phone call that they will never forget. Each one was offered a Loran Award, valued at up to $100,000 over four years for undergraduate studies in Canada. Together, they will form the Loran Scholars Foundation’s 27th class of scholars.

Loran Scholars are chosen for their character, commitment to service and leadership potential through a rigorous three-month selection process. The process is designed to seek out evidence of character – integrity, courage, compassion, grit and a high level of personal autonomy – through assessments and interviews with up to 12 different people. This year, the Loran Scholars Foundation received 4,273 applications from students across Canada. Just over half of the applicants were nominated by their schools. The foundation’s volunteers interviewed 400 semi-finalists in 21 cities, and 80 finalists advanced to national selections in Toronto. The 31 Loran Scholars represent the top 0.7% of all applicants.

This year’s Loran Scholars hail from all over the country, from Cowichan Bay, BC to Peterborough, ON to Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha!, Québec. A third were born outside of Canada. They come from all walks of life, show interest in a wide range of subjects and have taken the initiative to make positive changes in their communities.

“The Loran Award is an investment in potential,” says Franca Gucciardi, CEO of the Loran Scholars Foundation and one of the first Loran Scholars. “We are proud to offer these young people every opportunity over the next four years at university to take meaningful risks, share their talents and learn about how they can best contribute to society.”

The Loran Award is Canada’s largest undergraduate award, with a total maximum value of $100,000 over four years. It includes a $10,000 annual stipend, a matching tuition waiver from one of 25 partner universities, funding for summer internships, personal mentorship, a weeklong orientation expedition in Algonquin Park as well as annual retreats and scholar gatherings.

Loran Scholars, Class of 2016

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Loran Scholars Foundation
Founded in 1988, the Loran Scholars Foundation is a national charity that works in partnership with universities, donors and volunteers throughout the country to invest in young Canadians who demonstrate character, commitment to service and leadership potential. It has supported 541 Loran Scholars over 27 years. Tenable at one of 25 partner universities, the Loran Award is valued at up to $100,000 over four years, including annual stipends and tuition waivers, mentorship, funding for summer internships, annual retreats and a weeklong orientation expedition.