We don’t catch everything, so if you find yourself or someone else featured in an article, on a blog, or in the media let us know. We’ll happily share the news far and wide!

Michael Flood (’14) co-led a learning stream at How We Thrive that focused on “creat[ing] a space where people feel comfortable talking about the complexities of the economy and society, our mental health, and other barriers that are preventing young people from thriving.”

Patrick Nadeau (’00) is working to determine what caused hundreds of fish to wash up dead along the Ottawa River. The fish died from a lack of oxygen, but it is not yet clear what caused oxygen levels to drop.

Janelle Joseph (’97) was appointed to an assistant professorship at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kiniesiology and Physical Education. In an article in the U of T News she speaks passionately about one of the questions that drives her, “How do we open doors, how do we allow all people to see themselves represented in leadership, in the professoriate, in the community?” 

Madeleine Brown (’11) recently completed a six-show run of her play “News Play” at Toronto Fringe. Against a backdrop of fake news, a small town newspaper, and pyromania, the play explores the blurred lines that separate heroes and outcasts in families and communities. 

Kelsey Hogan (’13) placed first in the 160-kilometre ultramarathon in Gaspé, Que. Kelsey was the first of three women to complete the course; the first three women to finish in race history. 

Mark Godfrey (’06) won the Toronto Arts Foundation’s 2019 Emerging Jazz Artist Award. In its remarks about the award the peer jury stated that Mark, “embodies the jazz tradition, with a strong presence in the community and the fabric of the music scene in Toronto.”

Stephen Lake (’07) and his company North Inc recently completed the sale of its MYO armband technology to New York-based CTRL-labs. Stephen also spoke at the Creative Destructive Lab (CDL) at the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto about the future of human-machine interfaces. 

Steven Uster (’97) gives us insight into how his company, FundThrough, is taking a unique approach to helping small businesses to grow in a sponsored article in Industry and Business. 

An Tran (’08) is the inaugural winner of Media Ranch and Quebecor Content’s inaugural TV format incubator. The incubator offered participants the chance to develop an original format tailored to the needs of Quebecor Content and its various channels. An’s project is described as “a new twist on dating.”

Tanya Neumeyer (’01) will be one of the writers featured at the Wordstock Sudbury Literary Festival from November 1st-3rd.

Kai Cheng Thom (’09) is featured in Sephora Canada’s “We Belong to Something Beautiful” campaign that shares, “inspiring local stories that celebrate the diversity and belonging of all Canadians, highlighting that there is no singular expression of beauty.”

Kabir Nadkarni (’14), Julie Moysiuk, and Niko Yasui placed second in the Pembina Institute’s 2019 Youth Energy Policy Design competition. Kabir and his team used the Pembina Institute’s Energy Policy Simulator to create a vision of how Canada could reach 2030 international climate targets.