For the last few years, Loran alumni have helped us to recognize incoming scholars and award recipients in their home communities, through presentations at graduation and award ceremonies. These presentations are opportunities to celebrate the incoming class of scholars, as they are about to leave their home communities and transition to university. They are also opportunities to raise awareness about Loran in local communities across Canada.

We are once again reaching out to alumni to represent Loran at these presentations, as convocation season approaches in spring. We would love to have you represent us at an upcoming ceremony.

If you are interested in congratulating an award recipient at a ceremony this year, please review this list to see if there is a 2019 Loran Scholar in your area and this list to see if there is a finalist near you. Once you’ve done that, email ryan.jamula@loranscholar.ca and I’ll work with you to get everything organized.

-Ryan Jamula