Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award

Jiawen Zhou nominated her teacher for the Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award
Hayden Rodenkirchen nominated his teacher for the Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award
Jérémy Boulanger-Bonnelly nominated his teacher for the Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award

The Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award, supported by the McCall MacBain Foundation, recognizes primary and secondary school teachers who provide early inspiration, guidance and growth opportunities for our scholars.

Each year, graduating Loran Scholars are invited to show gratitude to the teachers who impacted their lives by nominating them for a Loran Teachers Building Leaders Award. As of Dec. 2018, 58 Loran Scholars have recognized 74 teachers across Canada.

Each teacher recipient is recognized by the nominating Loran Scholar at a local certificate presentation. The teacher is also presented with a congratulatory letter from John McCall MacBain.

“Mr. Scagnetti always challenged me. He would challenge my views, my abilities and my work in a way that has made me tenacious and very thoughtful in the work that I do in my daily life. He was the first teacher who truly helped me formulate my views on the world.”

– Sarah Burns (Ralph M. Barford Loran Scholar ’11), who nominated her Grade 8 art teacher. Read more.

“Remember back to when you were in school – was there a teacher who inspired you, believed in you and taught you exciting new things? Almost everyone to whom I ask this question has an answer. Teachers are key to the future of our young people.”

– John McCall MacBain, Entrepreneur & Philanthropist




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