Alumni often think about recruiting fellow Loran Scholars when they are looking for people to fill paid or volunteer roles in organizations and projects that they care about. You can post these opportunities on the LSA Facebook page or in the LinkedIn Group. However, if you’d like to make sure that they’re in the newsletter, send them to me

Apply to Work at Common Wealth

Type: Paid
Role: Technical Lead, Intermediate Front-End Developer, Intermediate Back-End Developer
Deadline(s): Technical Lead (hire by late October), Intermediate Front-End Developer (hire by January 2020 or earlier), Intermediate Back-End Developer (hire by January 2020 or earlier)
Loran Connection: Alex Mazer (’97) is the Co-Founder of Common Wealth, Connor Bays (’08) and Grace Li (’06) are Associates

From Alex

“We believe that user-focused, evidence-based, modern technology has huge potential to help make retirement security easier and more affordable for more people. We also think that — especially in our current moment — there are many skilled technologists who are looking to deploy their talents in tackling a meaningful and complex social challenge like technology. If you know anyone who you think might be a good fit for these positions, please encourage them to reach out. Even if they don’t meet the precise specifications for these roles, we’re building a team for the long term, and we encourage them to reach out anyway.”

Apply to Work at Uber

Type: Paid
Role: Strategic Operations Association, Eats for Business 
Deadline: n/a
Alumni Connection: Job posting passed on by Daniel Hertz (’08) on behalf of a friend

Apply for the Canadian Government Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) program

Type: Application/Paid
Role: Intermediate Roles (usually Senior Policy Analysts)
Deadline: October 23rd to November 6th
Loran Connection: David Houle, from the Recruitment of Policy Leaders emailed Lily Manea, our Director of Operations and asked us to circulate this opportunity.

View the program poster for more information.