Seven past Loran Scholars share their ideas for a better Canada in Policy Options, Canada’s premier public policy magazine.

Policy Options: “Ideas for a Better Canada”

  • Mark Schaan (Loran Scholar ’97) shares three ideas to keep public service relevant in a distracted and accelerated world in A New Era.
  • Alex Mazer (BMO Loran Scholar ’97) proposes to change the way we budget in A New Approach.
  • In Beware the Collaboration Trap, Joël Thibert (W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar ’00) debates the value of collaboration in tackling urban issues.
  • David Sandomierski (Loran Scholar ’97) imagines new ways to teach law in From Law Grad to Better Citizen.
  • Wojciech Gryc (W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar ’04) presents policy proposals to start to bridge the innovation gap in Building Success Stories.
  • In Voluntary Values, Michelle Dagnino (W. Garfield Weston Loran Scholar ’98) shares ideas to enhance the capacity of the voluntary sector.
  • Terry Bennett (Loran Scholar ’94) advocates for more intensive and sustained investment in childhood development research: Invest Earlier in Children’s Mental Health