Hire a Scholar. 

Spring is almost here, and sunshine is just around the corner! For Loran Scholars, this means that summer planning is in full swing. They will soon be embarking on a summer work experience that will expand their horizons in one of three different sectors: public policy, private enterprise, and non-profit.

Many of our scholars have had enriching experiences working with alumni-led organizations for their summers in diverse fields across the globe. As ambassadors for the program, our alumni are in a unique position to understand the value and breadth that a scholar brings to an organization as an undergraduate student. We would love to connect with you or someone on your team if you are interested in hiring a Loran Scholar this summer or in the future!

What kinds of summer experiences do we look for? During their public policy summer, scholars will gain experience with the policy-making process in Canada and abroad. The purpose of the enterprise summer is to develop a scholar’s business skills and introduce them to the private sector. Scholars will also undertake projects aimed at improving the health and vitality of our communities, introducing them to the non-profit sector during their community development summer.

Is your organization interested in hosting a Loran Scholar in the future? Get in touch with us via email at loretta.chang@loranscholar.ca.