To celebrate 30 years of Loran, we’re having a conversation as a community about taking meaningful risks – the notion not of taking risks for risks’ sake, but of moving outside one’s comfort zone to address needs and improve our communities.

We’d love for you, as alumni, to tell your stories about how you’re living this very idea. We’ve connected with several alumni who are interested in writing short (500-1000 word) pieces to explore this theme and reflect on how #risksforgood have guided their careers, community involvement, or personal lives.

Our hope is that these posts will:

  • Inspire dialogue on the importance of taking #risksforgood and the value of resilience (both within and beyond the existing Loran community)
  • Offer insight into how experiences as a Loran Scholar may influence and/or catalyze one’s propensity to take meaningful risks, and
  • Demonstrate that meaningful risks manifest in wildly diverse forms and sizes, in order to encourage more Canadians to step outside their comfort zones in the interest of effecting positive change

Alumni will be publishing these pieces via their own networks (Medium, blogs, LinkedIn, etc.) to broaden the conversation beyond Loran and inspire acts of meaningful risk-taking in their own unique ways. In case you missed it, Wojciech Gryc (’04) kicked off this initiative with a blog post about his principles for taking meaningful risks and Melinda Jacobs (’08) followed with an article called “Safety Nets and Trampolines“.

If you’re interested in contributing to this series of digital features on #risksforgood, please get in touch with me (kylie.serebrin@loranscholar.ca). I would love to discuss your idea, timing, and where you plan to post, so Loran can help spread the word through our channels.

– Kylie Serebrin