Welcome to the beginning of another exciting school year! With it comes our annual call for applicants for the 2023 Loran Award. We are committed to finding and supporting high school and Cegep students in Canada who are curious, unafraid to tackle big challenges, and motivated to make a positive difference in their communities.  

Join us for a webinar to learn more about the Loran Award, Canada’s largest and most comprehensive undergraduate merit award—and how to apply. 


If you are an educator or someone who works with youth, join us to learn
how to best identify students whom you can encourage to apply for the Loran Award. 

Webinars in English:

For those who support students in the Territories (EN):

Webinar in French:



If you are a
student interested in learning more about the Loran Award and how to apply, join one of our optional webinars.

Webinars in English:

For students in the Territories (EN):

Webinar in French:

Space is limited! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out by email to info@loranscholar.ca. If you would like a webinar recording, please complete this form.


For educators and those that work with youth
Identifying and Supporting Prospective Loran Scholars

Webinar #1 for Students

For Educators & Youth Supporters in the Territories

For Students in the Territories

Webinar #2 For Students