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Why Loran

Loran builds meaningful, positive change across Canada and beyond by empowering young people with curiosity, integrity, and the dedication to uplift their communities.

We believe that identifying such promising young people means looking beyond grades to find students with character—those who show courage by pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo; display a commitment to service that improves the lives of others; and demonstrate intrinsic leadership potential.

“I was dissatisfied with the systems in place and pursued an active role in student advocacy during my first year of undergrad. Loran inspires me to be the change I want to see and to take initiative.”

Sofie Fournier (’22)
Ottawa, ON


“The most important thing I learned through Loran is never to stop learning! My passion is to share with the world the experiences of racialized peoples in Canada so that we can make physical activity opportunities more accessible and inclusive.”

Dr. Janelle Joseph (’97)
Newmarket, ON


“As a Loran board member, interviewer, and business leader who has hired alumni of the program, I am continually inspired and energized by the incredible talent, ambition, and dedication I see in Loran Scholars.”

Charles Achampong, Vice President, International Partnerships, Mitacs
Toronto, ON


“We need strong, dedicated, and creative leadership to achieve positive outcomes. As Loran Scholars, young Canadians have the opportunity to learn, take meaningful risks, and determine how they can best contribute to society. By looking at their character, willingness to learn from failure, and genuine aspirations, Loran is able to discover young people with tremendous potential for a life of leadership and service.”

John and Marcy McCall MacBain, McCall MacBain Foundation


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