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Alumni Stories

Reflections from Loran Alumni

Justina Marianayagam (’14)

“From a young age, I have witnessed the gaps in healthcare in the North—from being born via air ambulance to witnessing family and friends travel hundreds of kilometres for routine medical care. My time as a Loran Scholar taught me the importance of community development and sustainability, which is what drew me back to the North. Southern approaches to medicine cannot always be applied in the North and must involve local input from community members. That’s why I completed my MD at one of the only medical schools in Canada that tailors to the unique needs of rural/remote communities. I am now a Resident Physician training to become a Pediatrician at BC Children’s Hospital in Vancouver, BC. After my training, I plan to return to my hometown: Yellowknife, Northwest Territories to practice. I look forward to reducing the health inequalities faced every day in the North.“

Alex Mazer (’97)

“In my current role as co-founder & co-CEO of Common Wealth, I am working to build a future where long-term financial security is possible for everyone. My 25+ year experience with the Loran program, starting as a high school student from rural PEI, has been and continues to be, essential to shaping my path, values, and view of how I can best contribute to society. Loran both pushed and enabled me to take risks and tackle problems that would not have otherwise been possible. I love giving back to the Loran community because I want to help provide for other young people what Loran provided for me: helping me see some potential in myself that I did not see at the time.”

Dr. Janelle Joseph (’97)

“The most important thing I learned through Loran is never to stop learning! As a professor, I learn from my research, from my students, and from my colleagues. I lead the Indigeneity, Diaspora, Equity, and Anti-racism in Sport (IDEAS) Research Lab at the University of Toronto. My passion is to share with the world the experiences of racialized peoples in Canada so that we can make physical activity opportunities more accessible and inclusive. To do so, we can’t limit ourselves to exploring only one ethnic group or only one sport. We can’t investigate only sport volunteerism, coaching, leadership or education. I engage many stakeholders and theoretical perspectives to solve Canada’s complex problems of social exclusion.”

David-Martin Milot (’07)

“The Loran Scholars Foundation has given me the skills and help, but most importantly, the confidence I need both personally and professionally to reach my goals. Thanks to my community development and public health policy summers in Senegal, India, and Argentina, I have developed a true understanding of international development and international cooperation issues. This has led me to explore a variety of environments and projects and to climb the ranks to my current position as President of the Board of Directors of Doctors of the World Canada. In that capacity, I am able to take an active role in the committee of 17 presidents of the organization’s international delegations.“

Julianna Tan (’11)

“Being selected as a Loran Scholar pushed me to step outside of my comfort zone and realize my true passions and potential in entrepreneurship.  As the owner and co-creator of Chocolate by Those Girls at The Market and co-owner of The Little Market Box, I am dedicated to sharing the stories and passions of local food producers across Saskatchewan. I get to spend every day connecting with fellow foodie entrepreneurs and changing the way our community gets food onto their families’ plates. Loran has encouraged me to find growth opportunities in every challenge I face and inspired me to take meaningful risks.“

Alex Mitchell (’10)

“As CEO of the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, I am a  fierce advocate for small business, economic development, and the potential of the Fraser Valley. I strive to live out the Loran values in my day-to-day, giving back to the community and working to empower the next generation of leaders to engage in civic life, service, and entrepreneurship.”

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