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Loran Employment Partners Make a Difference

Become a Loran employment partner

When seeking talent, you are likely looking for young people with the same qualities as Loran Scholars: the curious, the creative problem solvers, and those who see challenges as opportunities. This diverse group of students are keen, resourceful, integrative thinkers who have already distinguished themselves on the basis of their strength of character, leadership potential, and drive to create positive change in their own communities.

As part of their four-year journey, Loran Scholars are expected to gain practical work experience during academic breaks. These 12-week placements represent some of the most transformative learning opportunities of their university careers. Students enrich their studies by building practical skills in the professional world while gaining perspective on what leadership looks like in different industries. Whether in Canada or abroad, scholars gain a greater understanding of the intersections between three major economic sectors (not-for-profit, public policy, and enterprise), and the critical role each plays within the local, national, and global community.

In order to match Loran Scholars with placements where their excellence will be leveraged, Loran relies on employment partners—organizations who recognize the value this diverse group has to offer and are willing to support their learning and growth. By becoming an employment partner, your organization benefits from the curiosity and determination of Canada’s most exceptional young people. In turn, you will be supporting Loran’s mission to equip these students with a broader and deeper understanding of how they can pursue their purpose and effect meaningful, positive change as future leaders.

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“The Canada West Foundation hosted a Loran Scholar for its fourth consecutive year. These young people are smart, have a great attitude and work ethic, and are genuinely kind people. They bring energy and perspectives we truly appreciate. I used to wade through hundreds of applications to hire for our summer students but now I rely on the Loran Scholars Foundation to select exceptional individuals from a very short list – I would hire any one of these students.”


Colleen Collins,
Vice President, Canada West Foundation
Calgary, Alberta