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How to Apply

Applying for the Loran Award

Loran looks beyond grades and gets to know each applicant through an in-depth selection process that is a personal growth experience in itself. 

Just applying for the Loran Award is a chance to reflect on your sense of purpose, your contributions to your community, and your goals for effecting meaningful change in the future. It is also a unique opportunity to meet other changemakers like yourself who see the world through a lens of optimism, courage, curiosity, and creativity. 

Loran is committed to diversity and inclusion and welcomes applications from all qualified candidates. If you require accommodation during the application process, please reach out to


  • Be entering university for the first time in September 2025.
  • Present a minimum cumulative average of 85%.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • Be born between January 1, 2003 and September 1, 2009.
  • Be in your last year of CEGEP before entering university studies.
  • Be entering university for the first time in September 2025.
  • Present an R score equal to or higher than 29.
  • Hold Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status.
  • Be born between January 1, 2003 and September 1, 2009.

How to
Complete Your
Loran Application

  • STEP 1

    Learn more about the Loran Award

    Visit ‘How Loran is Different and consider attending a webinar to hear firsthand from scholars about their experiences.

  • STEP 2

    Start your application

    When the application period opens in early September, begin your online application at

    You will be asked to upload a PDF version of your transcript or marks summary (report cards are not accepted). 

    • It is not possible to change the language of the application site after you start your application. The language you select for your application will carry into your interviews if you are selected.
    • Start early. You will have the opportunity to write your application over multiple sessions, saving your work as you progress through each page.
  • STEP 3

    Confirm your reference

    While working on your application, determine who will serve as your reference. Your reference may be a teacher, another faculty member at your school, or whomever else you feel can speak to your activities and qualifications for the award. This person may not be a friend or family member. Connect with that person and confirm their interest and availability. Request their preferred contact details and clearly communicate the request and deadline to them. 

  • STEP 4

    Submit your application and ensure your reference completes their recommendation

    Complete your application, review its contents, and submit it.

    Note: you need to submit your complete application to trigger the reference request. After your submission, email instructions will be sent automatically to the person listed as your reference asking them to sign in online and fill out the reference form. Your reference will need to submit a short (max 250 word) recommendation before the application deadline for your application to be considered complete.

    • Once you submit your application, you cannot make changes to it. A draft copy of your application can be downloaded for review/editing on the last page before you submit. 
    • We are not able to accept uploaded/attached letters or other documents—only the online reference form will be accepted. It is your responsibility to confirm that your reference has received the email instructions and that their form has been submitted online before the deadline.
    • Provide your reference with ample time (ideally multiple days) between your application submission and the application deadline to complete their recommendation. 
    • Encourage your reference to check their email’s spam folder if they don’t see an email requesting they log in and submit their form within two hours of you completing your application.
  • STEP 5

    Track your progress

    Once you have submitted your application, you can log back into the system to view the progress of your reference form.


    Stay in close contact with your reference to ensure they submit the recommendation form on time. Your application and reference form must both be completed before the deadline or your application will not be considered.

The Loran application is a multi-step process that involves you and your reference. You cannot skip steps. The entire process must be completed online. If you cannot complete an online application for connectivity or other accessibility reasons, accommodations will be made (email  or call 1-866- 554-2673 for more information).

Ready to take the next step?

Applications will open in early September 2024.

once I decide
to apply?


Late October

Shortlisted applicants submit a supplementary video.


Late-November – Mid-December

Shortlisted applicants (~250 individuals) participate in online semi-final interviews.


Mid-to-Late December

Semi-final results are shared with candidates. Up to 70 Provincial & Territorial Award recipients are selected (these are $2,000 one-time entrance awards offered to outstanding semi-finalists who are not asked to attend national interviews). 90 finalists are invited to attend National Selections interviews in Toronto.


January – February

Finalists are announced publicly in early January and invited to attend National Selections interviews in Toronto.



The Foundation announces the newest class of Loran Scholars.

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Find out what makes Loran Scholars and our program unique. Discover the qualities we look for.

Learn how Loran is different

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