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Loran Donors Make a Difference

Your donation makes a difference

Donor support helps Loran build meaningful, positive change by empowering youth with curiosity, integrity, and determination. We believe Canada’s young people have the capacity to create a better future—they just need the opportunity.

Your investment enables us to execute a comprehensive and in-depth selection process that identifies students from across the country with character—young people who show courage by pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo; display an ability to look beyond themselves and commit to service that improves the lives of others; and demonstrate intrinsic leadership promise.

When you give to Loran, you are investing in the long-term potential of these students, providing them with the financial freedom to study, build their capacity to lead, and pursue service in their communities. At a formative time in their lives, your support not only reaffirms their sense of purpose but also provides enriching opportunities to broaden and amplify their impact. As alumni, Loran Scholars go on to form a diverse ecosystem of leaders, tackling complex problems and driving meaningful change across a breadth of sectors.

Unlike most scholarship programs, Loran does not depend on a large endowment from a single donor or receive public funding. Each year, Loran relies on the support of hundreds of individuals, companies, and foundations aligned with our mission of investing in young people who demonstrate character, service, and leadership potential. This supportive donor community includes Loran alumni – 96% of whom have made a donation back to Loran in their lifetimes.

Become a Loran Donor

We’re finding, equipping, and empowering the young people who will lead the way to a brighter future for all of us. Your generosity enables us to:

  • Identify untapped potential and shift the trajectories of students’ lives.
  • Provide scholars with the financial freedom to study, build leadership skills, and pursue purposeful service in their communities.
  • Develop an ecosystem of diverse leaders to guide Canada through future challenges.
  • Foster an inspirational community of values-driven citizens creating meaningful impact.

Specific ways you can support our work include:

  • Underwriting the four-year journey of a Loran Scholar
  • Supporting one-time entrance awards for Loran Finalists (top 1.8% of applicants who are invited to National Selections) or Loran Provincial/Territorial Award recipients (top 3% of applicants, recognized at the semi-final level)
  • Amplifying our outreach efforts to ensure all young people across Canada are aware of the Loran opportunity
  • Investing in the selections process so that we can identify exceptional talent in your region
  • Helping us deliver an important component of the Loran Program (e.g. mental health supports, mentorship, summer experiential learning, fourth-year transition)
  • Investing in our four-year leadership enrichment program to help scholars build their capacity and expand their skill-sets
  • Leaving a legacy by making a transformational gift to support our mission long-term

Learn more about how your gift can make a difference

Canada needs Loran—and if the Azrieli Foundation can make an impact by supporting these students in partnership with Loran, we’re very proud to play that role. We consider education to be the most important factor in empowering not only individuals but whole communities; it’s how we move forward as a unified society. Loran’s focus on finding and strengthening leaders of character means that an investment in Loran is an investment in potential, not only in young people but in our country and our global society.”

Naomi Azrieli, OC
Chair & CEO, The Azrieli Foundation