The following answers to frequently asked questions will help candidates and guidance counsellors navigate the application process. If your question is not answered below, please contact us at info@loranscholar.ca or 416.646.2120 / 1.866.544.2673.


What kind of student are you looking for?
Please see the overview and eligibility criteria.

What are the deadlines?
For students planning to enter university in the fall of 2016, the deadline for Loran Award applications has already passed.

How is the minimum average calculated?
The 85% minimum average calculation for high school students includes the most recent three years of final grades on the student’s transcript. CEGEP students must have a minimum R score of 29.

If the official transcript in your province only shows the last two years of final grades, that transcript will be sufficient to apply.

What counts as an official transcript?
We accept transcripts that are produced by either the school or the Ministry of Education. For CEGEP students, we require school academic records that show the R score as well as grades. Generally, CEGEP students can view and print these records from Omnivox.

When are applications available? Where can I get them?
The application process is entirely online and will be made available again in September 2016.

What is the difference between a sponsored and direct pool application?
Each high school can sponsor up to three students, and each CEGEP may sponsor up to eight. Sponsored applicants have the opportunity to attend regional interviews, if they are shortlisted as semi-finalists, and historically have received more provincial awards and honour citations. Direct pool applicants will be interviewed via videoconference. Find out more about how to apply.

How do I request sponsorship from my school?
Please contact your guidance counsellor, teacher or school administrator to express interest and to learn about the sponsorship selection process at your school. You will then need to select Sponsored by my school in the online application, and subsequently enter the name and email address of a school contact in the Educational Background section.

When both the application and reference letter have been completed, the school contact will be asked to review your application and fill out a short online form confirming whether or not your application is sponsored. Applications that are not sponsored will be evaluated in the direct pool.

I am currently a student at a university or college. Can I still apply for your award?
No. Current post-secondary students (with the exception of students attending CEGEP) are not eligible for our awards.

I missed the deadline for the application. Do you consider late applications?
We do not accept any late applications.

What should I do if my school will not sponsor anyone?
See your guidance counsellor and stress the importance of school sponsorship. Remind them that, historically, more provincial awards are granted to sponsored applicants than direct pool applicants. If your school still refuses to sponsor any students, please contact us at info [at] loranscholar [dot] ca. If you are not sponsored, then you may apply as a direct pool applicant.

I am a student applying from outside of Canada. Can I apply?
Yes, but only if you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You should apply to the direct pool.

I am interested in attending a university that is not on your list of participating universities. Am I still eligible for your awards?
Loran Awards are only tenable at participating universities in Canada. Finalist and provincial awards are tenable at any accredited public university in Canada.

I am interested in attending a private university. Am I eligible for this award?
None of our awards are tenable at private institutions.

When will I be notified about the status of my application?
Within one month of the application deadline, applicants will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Only applicants invited to attend interviews (regional semi-finalists) are notified of the status of their application. We notify sponsored applicants via e-mail, with their school contact carbon copied. Regional semi-finalists will be notified by mid-November.

We contact direct pool applicants directly. After the initial phone or video interview, successful direct pool applicants will be invited to national selections by late December.

For guidance counsellors and CEGEP staff

How many students may I sponsor?
Each high school may sponsor up to 3 students. Each CEGEP may sponsor up to 8 students.

What kind of student should I sponsor?
Strong applicants demonstrate the following characteristics: strong academic performance and character, commitment to serving others, great potential as leaders, independent thinking, and a willingness to take meaningful risks. Check out our selections video to learn more about the process from our Loran Scholars.

What is the difference between the sponsored and the direct pool applications?
Sponsored applicants attend regional interviews in person, rather than via telephone or video conferencing. Historically, sponsored students receive more provincial awards, honour citations and semi-finalist certificates than do students who apply through the direct pool. However, we also receive strong applications through the direct pool, and about a quarter of our national finalists are direct pool candidates.

How do I sponsor a student’s application?
The student must select Sponsored by my school in the online application, and then enter your name and email address as the School Contact on the Educational Background page. Once they finalize their application and have a reference letter completed, you as the School Contact will receive a sponsorship request email from info [at] loranscholar [dot] ca.

The sponsorship request email will include a copy of the student’s application and transcript, as well as a link to the online sponsorship form. It is your responsibility to review the application and confirm that the school is willing to sponsor this student’s application.

If you do not sponsor the student’s application, it will be considered in the direct pool.

Do I also need to write the reference letter?
You are not required to write the reference letter, but you may choose to do so if you know the student well. The reference letter may be written by another person at the school or in the community. It cannot be written by a family member or a friend.