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Current Scholars

Each year, we assess over 5,000 applicants and select up to 36 promising young Canadians as Loran Scholars, based on evidence of integrity, courage, and curiosity; an ability to look beyond themselves and commit to service that improves the lives of others; and intrinsic leadership potential that they may not fully recognize in themselves.

Over four years of undergraduate study, we provide Loran Scholars with a launchpad to amplify their potential and empower them to make positive change in their communities.
 At this time, there are 143 scholars attending 21 different universities across the country pursuing 73 distinct programs of study.

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Loran Alumni

The first four Loran Scholars were selected in 1990. Today, our network of 656 alumni are pursuing a wide variety of careers across Canada and around the world.

Though their paths and contributions are varied, Loran alumni maintain meaningful lifelong connections, providing motivation and inspiration to continue their pursuit of making positive change in their communities.